Nov 3, 2011


Albert Einstein purportedly said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

That quote gets a lot of mileage in the sports world, especially this time of year, at conferences, seminars, meetings and the like.

But maybe we should be doing the same thing over and over again with the expectation that we'll get better results.  Maybe the problem isn't that we're doing the 'same thing', maybe the problem is that we just haven't been doing it long enough. Maybe our time horizons have been too short to see the change we're looking for. Sometimes we need more than a month, a season, a year. Sometimes the very best thing we can do is simply keep at it, do the work, commit to the process.

Maybe the crazy ones are those who change course too soon; those who never see it through, and instead bounce from idea to idea, never allowing enough time for the change to happen.

Of course, the trick is to know the difference between the two; when to double down, and when to cut bait.  Find the right answer to that challenge, and results will follow.

Sep 21, 2011


Continuing Education Workshop Annual General Meeting & Awards Dinner Triathlon

Ontario’s Continuing Education Workshop Annual General Meeting & Awards Dinner
Saturday October 29, 2011.

Toronto Don Valley Hotel, Registration Begins 7:45 am. Triathlon Ontario will be hosting its first annual Continuing Education Workshop on Saturday October 29th, 2011. This one day event is sure to attract Triathlon Ontario members from across the province. Whether you are a club administrator, coach or triathlete there is something for everyone. There will be plenty of time to meet with other clubs across the province to share best practices in the areas of marketing, risk management and member relations. There is also the opportunity to attend Triathlon Ontario’s Annual General Meeting and meet the staff and Board of Directors of your provincial governing body.


Great Opportunity! More info here.

Sep 19, 2011


The C3 Club is hosting a great event this coming Sunday, September 25th: The Kinetico Running Festival, in the Town of Caledon. Pack up the kids and head over for a great afternoon of running, expos and fun. Meet some of Ontario's top pro triathletes, and help the C3 crew reach their goal of 1300+ kids and set a National Record in the Kinetic Kids 1 Mile Run. The best news: kids' registration is free!

Sep 3, 2011


Continuing with the tradition of making a year-end video for the athletes racing at worlds....Mr. Alexander Hinton.

Jun 17, 2011


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Solid run on the XC Nats course last night - just one of the great training venues we enjoy in Guelph. Album here.

Jun 7, 2011



June 7, 2011 

—New training centre to aid B.C.-based athletes in transition to national team—
VICTORIA—Alan Carlsson will be the first head coach of the Regional Triathlon Centre in British Columbia – a joint venture that was recently created in partnership between Triathlon Canada and Triathlon B.C. with the goal of creating more Olympic champions for Canada.
Carlsson will bring more than 20 years experience, and a proven track record of success, towards helping aspiring triathletes at the Vancouver-based Regional Triathlon Centre, which opened in June in an effort to provide young athletes with additional support in their quest to make the national team, and ultimately, the Olympic podium.
“Alan’s experience in working with a wide range of athletes from the grassroots to elite level will play a critical role in our goal of developing more Olympic-level athletes on the west coast,” said Alan Trivett, executive director, Triathlon Canada, who added that Carlsson has coached age group athletes from beginner to the world championship levels, along with high-performance athletes in ITU races, and professionals at the 70.3 distance. “In addition to sharing a wealth of knowledge to our next generation of Olympians, Alan will create a competitive culture of excellence while helping our young athletes understand the dedication required to win.”

Full article here.

May 31, 2011


We've really been enjoying the great energy of the Guelph running community lately, although it seems to have diminished my blogging ability. In a complete reversal of the 'build it and they will come' mentality, the highly successful Speed River Track Club is spearheading an ambitious project to raise funds for a proper 8-lane, international calibre outdoor running track.  We plan on helping them in any way we can.  See below:

Scott-Thomas’s fundraising puts Guelph on track for success

May 31, 2011
By Rory Gilfillan

Not long ago, a local Guelph reporter wrote that if you wanted to see Canada’s next generation of long distance talent, you needed look no further than Cooks Mill Road on a Sunday morning. Sure enough, the next week people started showing up to practice. Some came to watch; others came to run but the inclusive spirit that has animated every aspect of Dave Scott-Thomas’s formidable resume remained.
Dave Scott-Thomas isn’t just any coach. He’s the force behind the wildly successful Speed River Track Club and the architect who has built University of Guelph’s dominance in every distance over 1500 metres. Now, he wants to build a track that won’t just cater to the elite but to the entire community.

Full article here.

May 17, 2011


A playlist of Canadian tunes, a couple of Saturdays, some shiny new bikes, a Retul Kit, and a garage & basement; we're dialled into our bikes for the 2011 season. Thanks to the Canadian Sport Centre-Ontario for the equipment support, to National Team Mechanic Scott Kelly for fitting us, and to TL and JL (and families) for hosting.

May 9, 2011


ITU Monterrey World Cup; the mad dash for the bikes. You can jog if you're first, but everyone else is on the rivet. Great crowds, fast racing. Congrats to the Canadian crew on their efforts.

May 4, 2011


Happy to see an additional drafting clinic added in Barrie, May 15th.

Date; Sunday May 15th 2011
Location; Barrie Hertiage Park
Time; 8:15 AM-4:15 PM
Contact; Frank Garai
Cost; 25.00
Register on line with OAT

Link here.

May 3, 2011



Dear Athletes and Coaches,

In advance of the Coteau-du-lac Pan American Cup, this email is designed to clear up any confusion for athletes who wish to compete in the elite race on Sunday June 26th.

All athletes who wish to compete have to first be approved for Triathlon Canada’s International Competition Card (ICC). Athletes who have NOT been approved for an ICC in advance of the race, are not eligible to compete in the race.

Applications for the ICC can be found here on our website:

Also, all athletes need to be entered with the ITU prior to the race. Athletes wishing to enter the race can email myself at to request entry and I will enter them with the ITU. The ITU entry deadline is now 32 days before the date of the race. Athletes who have already requested to be entered do not need to send another email.

If you have any further questions please let me know,

Kind Regards,

Frank Christie
Program Coordinator
Triathlon Canada
#106 - 3 Concorde Gate
Toronto, ON M3C 3N7
Telephone: 416-426-7430
FAX: 416-426-7294

Apr 25, 2011


Original OAT link here.

Prior to racing in a  "draft legal"  race, participants must be screened. 

In the fall of 2010, 18 triathlon coaches took additional training
related to draft legal cycling skills. 

These coaches may now run drafting clinics and
screen athletes who need a drafting card.

In order to simplify the process OAT has agreed to 
administer drafting clinics in 2011.
 Target groups for these clinics are:
·        athletes currently 14-20 years of age who wish to race draft legal
·         athletes wishing to race in the Elite or U23 Category of draft legal events
·         competent cyclists aged 12-13, if there is room

Maximum number of participants - 12

The cost to participate in the clinic is $25 per athlete,
payable to OAT at the time of registration.

Additional clinics will be added as they are arranged

May 22, 2011University of GuelphJames LoaringForm
May 28, 2011
Robert F Hall CSS,                 Caledon East
Dave JenkinForm
July 3, 2011WhitbyPaul JohnstonForm

Apr 19, 2011


Pretty cool, see below. 

Hi Craig,

I don’t know that this has ever been done in honour of a triathlon before…

On May 7th the CN Tower will be lit in orange in honour of Joe’s Team and its inspirational founder, Joe Finley.  Here at Princess Margaret we are trying to make this the most successful Joe’s Team ever. 

It’s a great experience and I was hoping that we might be able to spread the word to interested triathletes.  The following is some information about the event:


Join us at the 5th Annual Joe’s Team Triathlon held at the CNIB Lake Joseph Centre on beautiful Lake Joseph (Muskoka, Ontario).  Since its beginning, this inspirational event has raised more than $3.2 million for critical cancer research at The Princess Margaret Hospital.  Take part in this extraordinary day of swimming, biking and running your way to two victories:  the individual triumph that waits at the finish line, and the community triumph of supporting cancer research at The Princess Margaret.
To register for the event and for more information, please visit
Questions?  Email or call 416-946-4579

Can you let me know if it’s possible to share this?  I really thank you for your consideration and would be happy to answer any questions, or provide you with additional information.

Many thanks!
Kelly Webb

Kelly Webb  |  Manager, Special Events  |  The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
t. 416.946.4579   c. 416.206-1262   f. 416.946.6563

Office & Courier:                           Mail:
700 University Ave., 10th floor      610 University Ave.
Toronto ON  M5G 1Z5                 Toronto ON  M5G 2M9



Yokohama event Postponed

19/04/11 at 4:19 am
The International Triathlon (ITU) today announced that the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Yokohama will not take place on 14 May 2011 as originally scheduled.  The ITU is working with the Local Organising Committee (LOC), the City of Yokohama and the Japanese Triathlon Union (JTU) to find a suitable date for the event later in the 2011 schedule.
“We have been following the situation in Japan very closely and felt that once the Japanese Government raised the alert on the nuclear situation to the highest level of seven, it was too risky to stage an event there in May.  The safety and health of our athletes, coaches, officials and staff should not be compromised,” said Marisol Casado, ITU President and IOC Member.  “We are in discussions to re-schedule it later in the season.  Our thoughts and concerns are with the Japanese people as they recover from the devastating earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power plant situation.”
The 2011 Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series kicked off on April 11 in Sydney, Australia.  Canada’s Paula Findlay took the women’s title while Spain’s Javier Gomez won the men’s race.  The next stop of the series will be in Madrid, Spain on June 4-5.

Apr 18, 2011


A great video from Kyle Jones Productions:

Apr 15, 2011


A bit of fun for a Friday morning....

Every year we try some new things, looking to make the most of our environment and opportunities here. Last year we tried some crit racing clinics/training sessions, but they required a fair bit of driving, and weren't a good fit in the final analysis.

Within the squad, we have a nice riding group of 6-11 riders on any given day - sometimes smaller for specific sessions - but it would be great to ride with a group twice as large (or larger) for some quality rides. So this year, we'll stick closer to home and join the Speed River Cycling Club for a few sessions a week.

The first Speed River ride is a little over a week away, and I was reviewing their website this morning when I came across the description (below) of the Tuesday night group ride: a leaderless, pirate tactic, tunnel vision ride. Sounds perfect. And sounds like a fun group to train with. We're looking forward to hanging on for dear life.

(Note: they have easier rides on Wednesday and Thursdays, so local riders who aren't ready to contend for the KOM points should still check these guys out. Group training can be a lot of fun, in addition to the fitness benefits)

Tuesday Night Road Ride:
aka "The World Championship Ride" - All out riding, blue sign sprints and KOM points up for grabs. Pirate tactics in full effect, recommended is the ability to pedal with tunnel vision. No ride leader for this night. Average speed approximately 35kph or higher.

This ride is our primary training ride for those looking for a hard workout. These are race specific training rides. All club members are welcome, however if you get dropped the group likely won't wait for you. If you're unsure of your fitness you will want to try out the Wednesday or Thursday night rides first.

Meeting Location:  Speed River Bicycle
Pace:  FAST
Route:  Various (see website for routes)
Meeting Time:  usually 6:15pm - see Calendar posting for specific ride details
Duration:  1.5 to 2.5 hours
Ride Coordinators:  none

Apr 14, 2011


The 401 Distance Series is back for a second year; May 21st, 24th, 28th! We're looking forward to hitting at least one of the events, likely the 5,000m in London on May 24th.  A brilliant collaboration of the Windsor, London and Guelph programs & coaches - great for development and we're fortunate to get a chance to toe the line in some fast fields. Hope to see some of you there.

DH on her way to a new 3,000m PB in London, ON, last year. 

AH & ID after the London 5000m - one of my favourite post-race pics - full effort given.

Apr 11, 2011


Taking a left turn here....

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I humbly present to you, personal finance guru and talk radio host Dave Ramsey. What's Dave got to do with triathlon? Well, in addition to talking about finance, he talks about leadership, and personal responsibility, and building a winning culture. We can find inspiration anywhere, and I like what Dave has to say about a lot of those things.

See below for an audio clip on the subject of gossip. I've heard him speak on this a few times, and he usually places more emphasis on the simple philosophy of "Negatives go up, Positives go all around", but he's a but more feisty in this particular clip, and focussed more on the punitive side of things.

One of the things I like about our squad is that we try to "..create a culture that defends itself against gossip." We're not perfect - far from it - but we definitely try to adhere to the "Negatives up, Positives all around" approach. It's a simple thing, but it can contribute to building a great environment...and great things can happen in a great environment.

If you (coaches, athletes, administrators, parents) have some favourite resources along the same lines as this one, leave them in the comments.

Now go build a great culture.

Related article here.

Apr 10, 2011


April 10, 2010

Canada’s Paula Findlay Wins Gold at Season-Opener of Triathlon World Championship Series in Australia
—Lauren (Groves) Campbell fights through crash on bike to finish 10th—

SYDNEY, Aus.—Canada’s Paula Findlay executed the opening race of the 2011 ITU Triathlon World Championship series to perfection by winning gold in Sydney, Australia on Sunday.

The 21-year-old Findlay, who enjoyed a breakthrough season in 2010 by winning her first two World Championship Series Races ever, captured number three on the same course Simon Whitfield struck his historic Olympic gold in 2000. Findlay sprinted ahead of the field to the finish to post a winning time of two hours, one minute, 21 seconds (2:01.21).

“This is amazing. It was unexpected again, but really exciting and so cool,” said Findlay, who finished fourth in last weekend’s World Cup race in Mooloolaba, Australia. “My contact fell out again so I raced half the day blinded so I think I need laser eye surgery or something. I didn’t feel comfortable until the run, but I held on and I am very happy.”

The red-headed Edmontonian was one of 66 women to dive into the waters of Farm Cove in the spectacular Sydney Harbour. Following the 1.5-kilometre swim, Findlay stayed out of trouble and avoided a any crashes while completing eight laps on the five-kilometre bike loop highlighted by stretches down the hilly Macquarie Street and the Cahill Expressway.

After a difficult second transition in front of the Sydney Opera House, Findlay bridged the gap with the lead pack of six athletes in the first lap of the 10-kilometre run. Dropping three athletes in the lead group, Findlay raced stride-for-stride with Chile’s Barbara Riveros Diaz and New Zealand’s Andrea Hewitt into the bell lap. Findlay and Riveros Diaz pulled away from Hewitt with 600-metres to go, and raced alongside each other until the final 300-metres where the young Canuck pulled ahead, and sprinted down the finishing stretch to the gold medal.

“There were so many surges and girls running from the back up the hills. Those girls pushed me the whole way today. I wasn’t expecting to be able to outsprint Barbara today,” said Findlay, who has been training in Australia over the last month with coach Patrick Kelly. “She is so fit right now. I hung on as long as I could and was able to pull it out. I’m so thrilled.”

Riveros Diaz settled for the silver with a time of 2:01.24, while Hewitt rounded out the women’s podium in the bronze medal position at 2:01.29.

“Paula had a really good block of training on the sunshine coast in Caloundra leading into this race, and has good early season form,” said Patrick Kelly, coach of Paula Findlay. “She still has lots of work ahead of her and will continue to work to get faster as will the other women. This is a fantastic start.”

Findlay’s third World Championship Series victory continues a stellar start to her young career where she has competed in just four races on the elite triathlon circuit. After winning back-to-back in the first two races last year on the 2012 Olympic course in London, followed byKitzbuhel, Austria, Findlay wrapped up 2010 by finishing fifth in the GrandFinal in Budapest, Hungary last September. Findlay now trails Australia’s Emma Moffat, who has a total of four victories all-time on the World Championship Series winner’s list.

“Training has been going really well and I’m feeling good, but I still didn’t expect this,” said Findlay. “I have to keep training well. It’s a long season and I have to keep training well, but it is nice to get a win early. I think is important because it tells me I’m at the same level as I was last year.”

Three other Canadians also suited up for the season opener. Vancouver’s Lauren (Groves) Campbell kicked off her season with a 10th-place finish. The 2008 Olympian fought back after getting tangled up in a crash on the bike to get her way back into the top-10 with a time of 2:02.43. Montreal’s Kathy Tremblay finished 34th. Victoria’s Kirsten Sweetland crashed on the bike and did not finish the race.

Created in 2009, the ITU World Championship Series is an innovative series that has the world’s best triathletes to compete in eight races around the world. Starting in Sydney, athletes will also compete in Japan, Spain, Austria, Germany, England and Switzerland before the Grand Final in Beijing. The next stop of the series is slated for May 14 in Yokohoma, Japan.

Triathlon Canada is the governing body for triathlon in the country. Recognized as an Olympic medalsport since 2000, Triathlon Canada’s mandate is to promote, foster, organize and develop the sport of triathlon, and its related disciplines, in Canada. For more information on Triathlon Canada, please visit us at on the Internet.

Complete World Championship Series Results (1.5 km swim, 40 km bike, 10 km run):
Top-Five Women’s and Canadian Results:
1. Paula Findlay, Edmonton, CAN, 2:01.21; 2. Barbara Riveros Diaz, CHI, 2:01.24; 3. Andrea Hewitt, NZL,2:01.29; 4. Carole Peon, FRA, 2:01.39; 5. Tomoko Sakimoto, JPN, 2:01.49. 
Other Canadian Results:
10. Lauren (Groves) Campbell, Vancouver, 2:02.43; 34. Kathy Tremblay, Montreal;
DNF. Kirsten Sweetland, Victoria.
Chris Dornan
Media and Public Relations
Triathlon Canada
T: 281-703-4394

Apr 7, 2011


Hot off the presses....spread the word


Lots of updates to pass along:

Thanks: First, a big thanks to coach James Loaring for coaching the squad while I was away on vacation. Great job James!

Congrats: Second, a big congrats to Jason Wilson on his 2nd place finish at the ITU Lima Cont. Cup last weekend. The final prep prior to the race wasn't ideal, but Jason rolled with the challenges and put together a solid race. There were 80 speed bumps (and bunny hops) on the course, and Jason has the blisters on his thumbs to prove it. There's a nice write-up here. Trivia time: Jason is the second RTC/PTC athlete to podium at a ITU Cont. Cup; who was the first?

Training Day: Coach Lorri Zagar and the fun2tri club are hosting the Training Day this coming Sunday, April 10, not April 17th as previously posted. Visit the fun2tri website for registration details.

Coaching Job!!: Exciting news from BC, with the creating of a Triathlon Academy in Victoria, and a new Senior Development Coach position for the new RTC-Vancouver. See posting.

WCS Racing on CBC: CBC will broadcast the Sydney WCS races live this weekend:

CBC Broadcast Schedule
Sat. Apr. 9 @ 21:20-00:00 ET LIVE

Sat. Apr. 9 @ 00:00-02:25 ET LIVE

More soon....

Apr 4, 2011


An exciting new project, spearheaded by Simon Whitfield: Triathlon Code. A huge thanks to Simon for continually inspiring and investing in the development and success of other Canadian triathletes. Should be a fun group to watch over the coming years.


Welcome to the Code!

We are a group of young, Canadian triathletes looking ahead to National and International level competition in the 2011 season and beyond. Comprised of 2 junior and 4 U23 athletes from across the country, thetriathloncode is fundamentally a group of athletes that aim to promote their sport by engaging themselves with the community with which they are a part of.
We are trying to present the HUMAN ELEMENT of Triathlon. A big aspect of this is HONESTY (Not brutally honest, but authenticity is key).
We want visitors to feel as though are following a story/journey. In our narrative, things are always happening and unfolding with no defined "ending." We have to think of ourselves as the "characters." We have to show how we learn, grow, act and speak from our experiences.

What Is The Code

The Code is accessible to anyone, but it isn't for everyone.
It's not just for “elites," but for those committed to their own goals, whatever they may be.
Rainy days, tired days, busy days -- it means you see adversity as an opportunity.
Its choosing a quiet Friday night because you're looking for a breakthrough on that Saturday ride.
It’s that burning in your lungs on the fifth interval, and doing it again on the sixth.
The Code is the sum of your choices, the dedication and focus you need to succeed.
The Code is the sacrifices made pursuing a passion.


Website Link.

Mar 30, 2011


Olympic Solidarity awards 16 triathletes “London 2012” Scholarships from World Programme

30/03/11 at 5:07 am
A total 16 triathletes have been awarded “London 2012” Olympic Scholarships by the IOC’s Olympic Solidarity’s World Programme Fund.
This is the largest number of awards in ITU’s history as an Olympic sport.  The recipients include eight men and eight women from National Olympic Committees (NOCs) that meet the Olympic Solidarity aims.
Olympic Solidarity aims to offer assistance to all NOCs, but in particular those with the greatest needs to allow them to develop their own structures to favour the expansion of sport in their countries.  Olympic Scholarships for Athletes “London 2012” is a key mission of the Olympic Solidarity programme in order to allow talented athletes to prepare for the London Summer Olympic Games.

Full press release.

Congrats to Jason Wilson (BAR), who has trained with our squad since April, for his selection to this program. It will be a fun and challenging journey; he's been doing a great job of getting the work done and bringing positive energy and a fantastic work ethic to every session.

Good thing he doesn't mind the cold.

Mar 29, 2011


2001: When men wore two piece suits with speedos, and you could take a Go Train to a World Cup. Lake Ontario was cold in June, and Scott Curry got a standing ovation from the crowd for his gutsy solo ride to avoid the lap out (complete with a Canadian flag waving from his saddle). Simon made it look easy as he rolled off the front and shattered the run pack, and an unknown named Jill Savege made her ITU debut with a 9th place finish (!).

A little inspiration while we wait for spring to get here:

Men's Results.

Women's Results.

Mar 9, 2011

FEET & FUEL 2011

Busy days = no blogging. One of the things I missed while in Clermont was Speed River's "Feet & Fuel" conference. Here are two clips from Head Coach DST; great stuff, definitely worth a few plays for the coaches out there. Thanks to for posting.

Feb 27, 2011


Silver medal for Canada at Brazil Fast Triathlon

Our friends at Genki-Bar had two sponsored athletes at this race. They followed them closely.
Here is their update on the race
Two Saskatoon triathletes, Gabrielle and Rachael Edwards, along with London, Ontario elite athlete Tenille Hoogland, beat the heat to claim the silver medal and a cash prize in the 2011 Brazil Fast Triathlon.
The South African team won the gold medal and the Brazilians took bronze.  Rounding out the field were Italy, Argentina and Spain.

Full article here.

Feb 23, 2011


Currently in Clermont, Florida, for a reading week training camp and ITU Cont Cup. Really enjoying working with three great coaches (Gary Pallet, Greg Kealey and Angie Anderson), and a strong group of young athletes from Ontario and BC. I'm not sure how we managed to post daily videos at previous camps, but it's clearly not happening this time. We must have trained less in those days. Lots of Canadian squads down here right now, and some fantastic weather = good energy. Check the slideshow on the right for picture updates. This one (below) is my current favourite. Enjoy & embrace your training, wherever you are - spring is around the corner.

Feb 15, 2011

THE JOHNNY RAZ FANCLUB... has a new interweb destination:, awesome!

Feb 8, 2011


Trimes digs Alison Hooper

Please welcome our next guest in our « Trimes digs » section.
Alison Hooper.
Alison is part of the National Training crew, along with Matt Sharpe, Kyla and Alex Coates, etc … Under the experienced coaching of Monsieur Patrick Kelly.
Like many of those BC athletes, Alison appeared many times on the podium or near by :)
One of her most beautiful victory is definitely her gold medal at the Canada Games in 2008 (as an individual and as a team !).
She will compete as a junior for the coming season and we have great hope as her records show a few top 10 on PATCO events (here).
We will follow Alison’s evolution this season, but for now we are glad have her letting us know a little more about herself (not sure, this is proper English :( )).
Discover her blog here

Full article.

Feb 3, 2011


A quick plug for Lucy Smith's new book: "First Triathlon", which will be launched Feb. 17th, in Victoria BC.  Available now from More information available on Lucy's Facebook page.   Congrats to Lucy on publishing her first book!

Feb 2, 2011


Employment Opportunity – Ontario Association of Triathletes

Manager of Development Programmes - Triathlon

The Ontario Association of Triathletes, the provincial governing body for the sport of triathlon and duathlon inOntario, is seeking a dynamic, self-directed individual for the position of Manager of Development Programmes. Reporting to the Executive Director, the successful candidate will be responsible for providing high level administrative and organizational support in a number of areas. The successful candidate for this full time position will be also be responsible for developing and maintaining communication with our members through various social media.  

Further info here.


Trimes digs Alexander Hinton

Please welcome our next guest in our « Trimes digs » section.
Alexander Hinton.
We are back in Ontario and more precisely the « old » town of Simon Whitfield, Kingston. This is the place, Alex and his entire family of triathletes (dad, sister, himself,…) call home.  This super fast runner is a key player for other triathletes in the nearby RTC.    RTC ????
Canada is lucky to have Regional/Provincial Training Center all across the country. In Ontario, there is 2 main streams, with the Regional Training Center in Guelph and the Bystorm Triathlon in Ottawa. Alexander is helping Craig Taylor as assistant coach and medical assistant at the RTC Guelph.
Coming from a triathlon family, everybody is practicing triathlon religiously and it was almost a natural evolution for Alex to start triathlon.
In his last year as a junior, Hinton finished third at the National Championships (Kelowna) and 16th at the Junior World Championships.
Along with many others part of the new development Team from TriCAN, Alexander will be jumping from juniors to U23, this season.

Full article here.

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