Feb 27, 2011


Silver medal for Canada at Brazil Fast Triathlon

Our friends at Genki-Bar had two sponsored athletes at this race. They followed them closely.
Here is their update on the race
Two Saskatoon triathletes, Gabrielle and Rachael Edwards, along with London, Ontario elite athlete Tenille Hoogland, beat the heat to claim the silver medal and a cash prize in the 2011 Brazil Fast Triathlon.
The South African team won the gold medal and the Brazilians took bronze.  Rounding out the field were Italy, Argentina and Spain.

Full article here.

Feb 23, 2011


Currently in Clermont, Florida, for a reading week training camp and ITU Cont Cup. Really enjoying working with three great coaches (Gary Pallet, Greg Kealey and Angie Anderson), and a strong group of young athletes from Ontario and BC. I'm not sure how we managed to post daily videos at previous camps, but it's clearly not happening this time. We must have trained less in those days. Lots of Canadian squads down here right now, and some fantastic weather = good energy. Check the slideshow on the right for picture updates. This one (below) is my current favourite. Enjoy & embrace your training, wherever you are - spring is around the corner.

Feb 15, 2011


...now has a new interweb destination: http://johnnyraz.blogspot.com/, awesome!

Feb 8, 2011


Trimes digs Alison Hooper

Please welcome our next guest in our « Trimes digs » section.
Alison Hooper.
Alison is part of the National Training crew, along with Matt Sharpe, Kyla and Alex Coates, etc … Under the experienced coaching of Monsieur Patrick Kelly.
Like many of those BC athletes, Alison appeared many times on the podium or near by :)
One of her most beautiful victory is definitely her gold medal at the Canada Games in 2008 (as an individual and as a team !).
She will compete as a junior for the coming season and we have great hope as her records show a few top 10 on PATCO events (here).
We will follow Alison’s evolution this season, but for now we are glad have her letting us know a little more about herself (not sure, this is proper English :( )).
Discover her blog here

Full article.

Feb 3, 2011


A quick plug for Lucy Smith's new book: "First Triathlon", which will be launched Feb. 17th, in Victoria BC.  Available now from Amazon.com. More information available on Lucy's Facebook page.   Congrats to Lucy on publishing her first book!

Feb 2, 2011


Employment Opportunity – Ontario Association of Triathletes

Manager of Development Programmes - Triathlon

The Ontario Association of Triathletes, the provincial governing body for the sport of triathlon and duathlon inOntario, is seeking a dynamic, self-directed individual for the position of Manager of Development Programmes. Reporting to the Executive Director, the successful candidate will be responsible for providing high level administrative and organizational support in a number of areas. The successful candidate for this full time position will be also be responsible for developing and maintaining communication with our members through various social media.  

Further info here.


Trimes digs Alexander Hinton

Please welcome our next guest in our « Trimes digs » section.
Alexander Hinton.
We are back in Ontario and more precisely the « old » town of Simon Whitfield, Kingston. This is the place, Alex and his entire family of triathletes (dad, sister, himself,…) call home.  This super fast runner is a key player for other triathletes in the nearby RTC.    RTC ????
Canada is lucky to have Regional/Provincial Training Center all across the country. In Ontario, there is 2 main streams, with the Regional Training Center in Guelph and the Bystorm Triathlon in Ottawa. Alexander is helping Craig Taylor as assistant coach and medical assistant at the RTC Guelph.
Coming from a triathlon family, everybody is practicing triathlon religiously and it was almost a natural evolution for Alex to start triathlon.
In his last year as a junior, Hinton finished third at the National Championships (Kelowna) and 16th at the Junior World Championships.
Along with many others part of the new development Team from TriCAN, Alexander will be jumping from juniors to U23, this season.

Full article here.

Feb 1, 2011


     2011 Teck National Junior Series

• To provide Canada’s junior athletes with highly competitive draft-legal racing experience
• To provide a quality race series within Canada to minimize costs and maximize benefits
• To further develop exposure of our sport through increased media coverage

Venues and Schedule
Race #1                                                                         
June 26, 2011 - St. Malo, MB                                                  
Race #2
July 16, 2011 - Penticton, BC                                                     
Race #3
July 30, 2011 - Ottawa, ON                                                                   

Race #4
Canadia Junior Triathlon Championships
August, 20, 2011 - Kelowna, BC

Follow this link for more info.


From C3 (congrats guys!):

photo: P. Self
While they may be in mid-winter base triathlon training, C3's Andrew Yorke and Taylor Reid took to the track in Montreal this past weekend to test their leg speed in a 3000m race. Both boys ran significant life-time PB's on a very low key early season race. Andrew Yorke ran 8:31 while his younger team-mate Taylor Reid ran 8:47. "I am so pleased that the boys showed such great run fitness, so early in the year, considering that they have really been focusing on their swim fitness over the last few months" said their coach Barrie Shepley. 

Shepley was happy to see that cross-training was clearly working for both the boys. "For Andrew and Taylor to run fast while they are in their triathlon base-training phase indicates the kind of triathlon season the guys can expect this summer" said Shepley. "Our C3 team is so proud of the way Andrew and Taylor are balancing school, volunteering and their international training" said Shepley. 
photo: P. Self

"I know its not easy to balance high level university training and university academics, but that's what makes our team so special" said C3 HP Captain Sean Bechtel. Caledon's superstar Sean Bechtel is himself a graduate from McMaster's swim-run varsity program and believes that much of his current success is owed to his four years of development at McMaster University. 

Yorke and Reid are scheduled to run 5000m races in Boston in two weeks, then they will be heading to a warm-weather training camp in Tucson Arizona in mid-February with coach Shepley and the rest of their High Performance Team-mates.

"High performance success is really just a thousand little baby-steps forwards with a few slips backward" said Shepley. "Andrew and Taylor's solid runs in Montreal are just indications that the boys are working hard and moving in the right direction" said Shepley. Below is actual race footage from the event.

"A" Section of the 3k

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