Feb 20, 2013


Triathlon Canada's 2013 Selection Policies are now posted at the following link:


Links are also available on right hand side of this blog, under "SELECTION CRITERIA & INFORMATION"

Feb 19, 2013


The next Speed River Brunch is coming up on Sunday March 3rd, with a great list of speakers.

Enjoy brunch and learn about some of the fantastic athletes in our community. More info and ticket reservations here.


Feb 14, 2013


From Andrew Bysice, and thanks to Trimes for posting this.  Donation page here.

The "Fear the Beard" Campaign

I am Andrew Bysice, an elite Canadian triathlete from Oakville, ON. I am also an alumnus of McMaster University's Swimming, Track and Cross Country Teams.

I am raising money for the removal of my beard from my face. 

But, I am not doing it for me, I am doing it for Naomi Cermak. 

Naomi is a friend of mine and a fellow triathlete and an alumnus of the McMaster Swim Team. 

Naomi has Stage IV melanoma
The incidence of melanoma is rapidly increasing in Canada with almost 6000 new cases reported every year. Melanoma has very few treatment options (let alone curative). However, one promising curative experimental treatment is called "immunotherapy" in which the patient's own immune system is taught to attack the melanoma. Immunotherapy is offered at only a select few cancer centres in the world and is currently not available in Canada. However, The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre in Toronto is building an immunotherapy clinic in an effort to offer a curative treatment option for those diagnosed with melanoma .

Naomi has requested that any money that I raise through "Fear the Beard" goes to the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre to benefit melanoma treatment and research.

My minimum goal is $1000. 
The shave date is tentatively set for March 15th, 2013.
If Naomi is not in treatment that day, she will shave my beard. 

EXTRA INCENTIVE: Who ever donates the most money will get to pick what is shaved into my facial hair, which I will wear for 24 h. 

Remember, every little bit helps. 


Andrew Bysice

P.S. Oh! I forgot, Cancer will #fearthebeard 

Feb 9, 2013


A recent interview with Helen Jenkins, from tri247.com, and related Asics promo with some words from Helen on dealing with injury and testing limits. I had the opportunity to talk to Helen's coach (and husband) Marc Jenkins at the 2011 ITU Buffalo PanAm Cup about Helen's incredible 2011 season and 2nd World Championship title.  He said the key to her success was simply that she had been healthy and injury free throughout the year. 

A simple yet profound lesson to remember as we seek a balance between testing limits and getting to the start line healthy.


Feb 4, 2013


An added benefit of having Mr. Jason Wilson in the squad is the very close relationship we have with BFIT - the Barbados Federation of Island Triathletes - a great group of people who are passionate about the sport of triathlon. Last year BFIT took on the huge task of hosting the first ever ITU race in Barbados. It was such a success, they're doing it again. The sprint distance makes it a good tune-up for the 2013 season, and you'll be hard pressed to find a nicer race venue anywhere on the circuit.  Mark your calendars and book your tickets, the ITU Bridgetown PanAm Cup will be Sunday April 21, 2013.  


Feb 3, 2013


Kids, deadline is March 7th. Get drawin'!

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