Jun 22, 2010


To any/all coaches attending the Coteau du Lac race - but particularly the youth/junior coaches - there will be a coaches meeting hosted by Phil Bertrand at 2pm on Friday. Please attend if you are available.

Agenda and details:

A. Review of RTC minimal entrance standards/policies:

B. Review of Triathlon Canada Results tracking xls

C. Review of Triathlon Canada 2010 Time Standards & Athlete Benchmarks xls.

D. Solicit feedback and schedule follow-up meetings at Saskatoon and Kelowna Junior Races

In addition, Claude Lajoie who works with Triathlon Quebec will go through the testing / training protocol he uses with the Quebec Team.

Coaches meeting, Coteau-du-Lac.
Time : 2PM on Friday the 25th of June
Where : Centre Communautaire de Coteau-du-Lac ( White building behind the Pavillon Wilson) on Rue principale in Coteau-du-Lac

Map link.

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