Jan 25, 2012


That's the fundraising pitch for a new outdoor 8-lane track at UofGuelph. Dave Scott-Thomas and the Guelph Gryphons love to tackle big challenges and they've locked horns with a monster this time: to build a new, world-class 8-lane track. As with all things related to the Gryphons and Speed River programs, there is a lot of passion, commitment and hard work being dedicated to this right now. There is also some fantastic leadership driving this project, and a strong sense that this can happen. Great energy all around, and the RTC crew is brainstorming ideas to contribute. This is the same passion, energy and resolve that has resulted in a long record of excellence from Guelph runners; they will get this track built. Take five minutes to learn more about the Guelph Track Project and consider lending your support.

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